Ensure the Safety of Your Customers with Gas Fitters Checklist

Ensure the Safety of Your Customers with Gas Fitters Checklist

Published on: 28-05-2014 | by Misty in Gas Fitters Checklist, Gas Fitters App, Gas Installers App, Digital Forms, Paperless

Installing kitchen appliances that make use of natural gas rather than coal gas in one’s home is not a DIY endeavor. For instance, one has to make sure that the pipes fit properly or else there will be by products as a result of the burning of natural gas. One such by-product is carbon monoxide, which can kill people when inhaled. Thus, it is important that only a qualified and duly certified gas fitter does the job.

To prevent situations where one’s work can endanger the lives of the customers, gas fitting companies in New Zealand should make sure that their teams always have a Gas Fitters Checklist. As this is SOP, you as an entrepreneur can take it one step further by investing in a mobile app for your gas fitting business.

What Can You Get Out of the App?

These are the wonderful things that you can realize when you invest in Gas Fitters App.
First, you have the digital checklists. A traditional Gas Fitters Checklist is paperwork but, with this app, the checklist becomes fully digital. Yes, you are reading it right. Your field agents can now access their checklists in digital forms through a mobile device, saving you money in paperwork. Plus, these paperless checklists are customizable and very easy to update if there is a new step in the process that your teams would have to observe when servicing clients.

Second, having digital checklists saves your field teams plenty of time. This is important, especially in the QA process. Instead of rummaging through paperwork to find the quality assurance checklist, they instead just have to invoke the necessary Gas Fitters Checklist from their mobile devices. With that, they can focus on making sure that they have done their jobs right and your clients’ safety is ensured. They need not feel too pressured that they would have to hurry through the process, since they have already wasted time in looking for the right checklist.

You can see that, with these two advantages, your business becomes a more efficient and productive company. Using mobile devices to access data on the go, you and your field agents can cut back on the time that is normally consumed in servicing one client. This will give your overall productivity a boost of up to 60% more than the usual. That alone is good enough ROI for your investment in Gas Installers App.

It’s Time to Give the App a Thought

Because the safety of your customers should always be your prime concern, it only makes sense that you invest in a mobile app that makes digital and paperless Gas Fitters Checklist possible. With this investment, not only do you ensure that your customers remain safe after a successful gas fitting job, you also introduce improvements to your company’s productivity and your workforce’s efficiency.

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