Manage Your Enterprise Right with App for Gas Fitters

Manage Your Enterprise Right with App for Gas Fitters

Published on: 07-05-2014 | by Misty in App for Gas Fitters, Gas Fitters Software, Paperless, Mobile Workforce, Mobile Forms

Gas fitting is a very lucrative business in New Zealand. This service is quite in demand especially since New Zealand is now using natural gas instead of coal, and converting kitchens to make use of natural gas requires the expertise of a gas fitter in the country. If you are already reaping the benefits of this demand by starting a business, then you should definitely invest in App for Gas Fitters to further improve your business’s performance!

What Advantages Can This App Offer?

The paperless app makes possible several capabilities that you may not have been able to realize back when you first started your business. These capabilities include:

• Real-time monitoring on the status of tasks
Without a digital system in place like the one in App for Gas Fitters, it is definitely difficult for you to track your mobile workforce. Wellington City alone, for instance, has a land area of 112 square miles for your licensed gas fitters to cover. This means 112 square miles of possible clients who can come calling. And you need to know who among your employees are in close proximity to any given client at any given time.

Gas Fitters Software, on the other hand, provides you the capability of tracking your field agents in real time using mobile forms. You only need to look at the map and check on each team’s status and you will know exactly to whom you will assign tasks. Each team will be required to check in and report their status after a successful job and you can see those updates in the Web-based dashboard that the app will be providing you.

• Be on the lookout for fraudulent parties impersonating your company
With the high demand for gas fitters in New Zealand, some unscrupulous parties may want to take advantage by posing as one of your field agents. They may come into a client that your agents have serviced in the past and perform a poor job. You can easily maintain your reputation and quickly deny these agents because your records show it all. Moreover, you can also pursue proper legal action with all the evidence that you need right in your hands, thanks to App for Gas Fitters.

• Archive your agents’ experiences for future references
Every once in a while, your mobile workforce may experience a job that is tricky and would need to be archived. The paperless app makes that easy for you by allowing you to upload and share images into the company dashboard, which the data management team can then review for comments or put right into the database for future use. If you have a social media page for your business, this capability makes it easier for you to update those pages right away.

Now For the Million Dollar Question…

The question is this: “Would you want to invest in a system that would make your life as a gas fitting entrepreneur easier?” Of course, the answer should be “Yes!” App for Gas Fitters will totally transform your business by giving you a highly transparent and very efficient system for data gathering and management.

Discover more ways to manage your enterprise right with App for Gas Fitters. Take Our Tour!

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