Top 3 Benefits of Gas Fitters App

Top 3 Benefits of Gas Fitters App

Published on: 21-05-2014 | by Misty in Gas Fitters App, App for Gas Fitters, Gas Fitting App, Enterprise Mobility, Digital Forms, Mobile Forms

Gas fitters are in demand in New Zealand because of the country’s preference to use natural gas rather than coal. This is because there is no other person that can set up the piping needed for home appliances to use natural gas safely than a certified gas fitter. Plumbers are not certified to carry out these tasks. This represents a good business opportunity, one that New Zealanders with experience in gas fitting should exploit.

Of course, when starting your own business, you will definitely need to make the necessary investments. Gas Fitters App fits into that description, with the benefits that you can enjoy when you put your capital into this service.

The Benefits

Let us go right ahead to the benefits. What great things can Gas Fitters App provide your gas fitting company?

1. Mobility
First off, you can enjoy enterprise mobility with your investment in App for Gas Fitters. From hereon, your field agents will use not paper but digital forms in their mobile devices in doing everything related to their work, particularly reporting and updating the status of their tasks. This is similar to the old checklist system, only that this new system is more transparent, more accurate by the minute, and very easy to use. It is a time-saver as well!

2. No Paper
As mentioned above, the entire system is centered on the use of mobile phones and tablets for reporting and other related data entry tasks. This means that your employees use mobile forms rather than paperwork. Now, it is a fact that paper can consume as much as 20% of your monthly operating expenses. Take that off, and you realize 20% more profit every month with your investment in Gas Fitters App.

3. Transparency and Accuracy
Investing in Gas Fitters App will ensure that your entire workforce is transparent. You can find out at any given moment if any of your field agents are idle because they have not updated their status in the Dashboard. This way, you can find out who is free to take on a task if there is an urgent request from a client or if one of the other teams are bogged down on a task and need someone to take over one of their pending assignments.

You Can Even Reap More Benefits With Your Investment

There you go! Gas Fitting App gives you, in a nutshell, a system that is guaranteed to be efficient, economical, and productive, as well being a breeze to manage. You will be surprised with what your company can reach with Gas Fitters App.

There are many other great things that you can get out of the app. It would be great if you get in touch us, as we will be very happy to walk you through how Gas Fitters App can be helpful to your company.

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