Top 3 Reasons Why Gas Installers App is Worth the Money

Top 3 Reasons Why Gas Installers App is Worth the Money

Published on: 15-05-2014 | by Misty in Gas Installers App, App for Gas Fitters, Gas Fitting App, Digital Forms, Mobile Workforce

Gas fitters are always in demand in New Zealand. They have been so since the start of the natural gas era in the 1950s. These experts are responsible for connecting kitchen appliances and making sure that they are safe for using natural gas to cook and heat. If you have prior experience as a gas fitter and would like to grab market share by starting your own gas fitting business, then you’re making the right choice by investing in Gas Installers App.

In case you have not heard about it yet, the app is a revolutionary new system that is designed to make your gas fitting business’ workflow streamlined and, as a result, more efficient. For a fixed monthly price, you can see your gas fitters company become one of the best, if not, the best there is in New Zealand.

The Features

So what are the features of Gas Installers App? Here is a partial list of features that you should be enjoying as an entrepreneur:

1. Paperless Forms
What makes this software totally revolutionary is its use of digital forms, allowing you to save money in paper expenses. It is also very safe, as your gas fitters cannot make copies of the information stored in the form. In addition, the forms are also very easy to use and can be customized to fit your company’s looks and profile.

2. Web-based Management Portal
In addition to the paper forms, Gas Installers App also comes with a Web-based dashboard that connects you and your staff. Through the dashboard, you can monitor the receipt of reports, the upload of images, and the updating of your
mobile workforce status. What does this mean for you? This means that you can manage your business a lot more efficiently. You also enjoy improved transparency as everything that you need is easily accessible and you can request any information any time that you need to.

3. Mobility
Last but not the least, the best thing about our App for Gas Fitters is that it is 100% mobile. Yes, the app is installed in whatever mobile devices that your company is using. Your mobile workforce can then access the app and its digital forms through their mobile phones to make their reports or share images that they have taken from the site. Gas Installers App supports both Android and iOS phones and tablets.

Learn More about This Wonderful Opportunity

Of course, these are but three of the many exciting features of Gas Installers App. There are many others that you can also enjoy, thanks to its very flexible nature. Each business’ need is different. However, Gas Fitting App can help you with your corporate needs, no matter what it is.

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